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Clothing Consignment - High End Clothing

Clothing Consignment | Statement Boutique Consignment - Philadelphia, PA

If you love the art of shopping you are certainly not alone. Many women love to shop for shopping’s sake—there’s something about the thrill of the hunt, and this is especially true when it comes to the consignment shopping experience. Most of us now know that clothing consignment shopping is much more exciting than shopping at a department store or a boutique, no matter how tony. Upscale boutique consignment shops that specialize in clothing consignment and accessory consignment are fantastic precisely because you never know what you are going to find.

Statement Boutique Consignment is the newest upscale consignment store in Philadelphia and a must see when you are in the even merits an out of the way trip, as attested to by visitors from Bucks County and Lancaster County, Northern and Southern New Jersey, the Philadelphia Main Line, and even as far as Manhattan, Florida, Washington DC, San Diego and other parts of the West Coast. Then there are visitors from all over the world who come into Statement upon a recommendation. What a thrill!

Consign Your Clothes, Jewelry and Accessories
If you are interested in consigning your fabulous clothes and accessories to Statement, please call Deb to speak with her about Statement's requirements for consignment and its consignment contract. She can email you the Terms of Consignment and the Consignment Contract for your review before you decide to consign.

Essentially the Terms of Consignment provide that all items to be consigned must be in pristine condition, without flaws, no matter how unnoticeable (Deb will notice them!). Items must be ironed if necessary and placed on a hanger (you can have your hanger back!), otherwise sweaters and tops can be placed neatly folded in a bag or a box. This is all pretty basic. The consignor then prepares a very cursory list of what is being brought in for consignment by designer, description of item, and size. That way, when Deb and the consignor are going through the articles, they can mark on the checklist what is and isn't being consigned, initial the list, make a copy, attach it to the contract.....with this protocol of Deb's, it usually doesn't take more than fifteen minutes if the shop isn't busy.

The Consignment Contract essentially provides that there is a 60% split to Statement and a 40% split to the Consignor. This share is typical in Philadelphia County and checks are sent out to the Consignor after they have reached a certain amount in distributions, otherwise at the end of the season. Consignors have the option to either pick up their merchandise at the end of the season or relinquish their merchandise to statement.