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About Us - Hand Crafted and Designer Labels!

About Us | Statement Boutique Consignment - Philadelphia, PA

The creative force behind Statement Boutique Consignment is owner Deb Flynn. Her role extends far beyond the day-to-day operations of running a fashion boutique. She is passionate about her shop and what it sells, has a keen fashion sense and a good eye. She loves to help customers put together outfits from scratch, or find coordinates to compliment pieces in their closets. More often than not a customer will come into Statement saying she is going to a black tie that weekend and has nothing to wear! Flynn knows exactly where to direct her client so she can leave with a completed ensemble, from dress to shoes to pocketbook to gloves to shawl to jewelry, and have her customer look like a million dollars on the way out. On the other hand, if Flynn doesn't believe an outfit is complimentary for whatever reason, maybe it doesn’t drape the right way or is too baggy or too snug in certain areas, she will not let her customer out of the store with it, no matter how much the customer loves the outfit. In Deb's mind, what you leave her shop with reflects not only on the customer but also on her, and she will not accommodate even the most willing customer if in Deb's opinion the outfit is not ultimately flattering. She is willing to lose sales this way because to her it is a matter of honesty and trust. And remember, she holds the keys.

Deb is also a curator of sorts, as many of the pieces in her shop are from her personal collections, which include exquisitely designed and intricately tailored items collected over the course of many years shopping in Europe, Scandinavia and the UK, and during her time living in Paris. The same applies to the ambiance of her shop, with original artwork, European furniture, scented candles and classical music.....all of which make Statement the most unique high fashioned boutique consignment shop in the Philadelphia area.

Statement's merchandise appeals to teens in search of their most unique prom or bas mitzpha gowns... to more sophisticated mothers of the bride/groom, anyone attending a wedding or a gala...to anyone attending a garden party, throwing a dinner party or simply enjoying an evening out. Even though Statement is filled with items starting from size 0, most important to Deb is her collection of plus sizes ranging from 1X to 3X and from 20 to 38. You simply have to see her gorgeous collections.

Whether you are looking for formal wear, professional attire, casual coordinates, fun dresses, jewelry or accessories, and irrespective of your age or your size or your occasion, you will have a wonderful time searching through the treasures at Statement Boutique.

If you would like to learn more about Deb and her background and the creation of Statement, please click on the links below.