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You can always count on Statement to have the most unique items in upscale couture, bridge wear, hand crafted jewelry, fashion accessories and vintage items.

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Clothing Consignment | Statement Boutique Consignment

If you love the art of shopping you are certainly not alone. Many women love to shop for shopping’s sake—there’s something about the thrill of the hunt...

Accessories | Statement Boutique Consignment

Any stylist or fashion expert will tell you that accessories are crucial to bringing together a snappy and alluring outfit. In fact, instead of being an...

Hand Crafted Jewelry | Statement Boutique Consignment

Anyone who appreciates sophisticated hand-crafted jewelry understands that each piece is a work of art. Statement, as a Philadelphia Consignment Shop...

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Deb, having dressed her Barbie Dolls since she was five years old, can dress anyone who comes into Statement for an affair that night, from the outfit to the shoes to the pocketbook to the jewelry. She is the consummate fashion consultant. This is one of her passions, and her clients trust that they will not leave Statement unless they look like a million dollars (according to Deb that is, even if you think you do but Deb disagrees, remember Deb has the keys!)

Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill has for years been a destination for fashion and culture in the Philadelphia area. This tree-lined avenue, buzzing with activity, boasts not only five star restaurants, but also more casual restaurants and cafes of all ethnicities.

Chestnut Hill is home to a variety of coffee, juice and traditional bars, several artisan bakery shops, stores with antique and vintage furniture and heirlooms, carpets from around the world, fun and whimsical accessories.... and with so many consignments shops, Germantown Avenue is being referred to as "Consignment Row", having been said to rival the Palm Beach Consignments.

The newest addition to Consignment Row is Statement Boutique Consignment, where you will see one of a kind items, including upscale couture and bridge wear, accessories (shoes, pocketbooks, scarves, hats, belts and gloves....), together with vintage hand crafted jewelry. Statement Boutique offers a wide variety of merchandise, from its gorgeous formal attire to upscale chic casual wear; and it is one of the few boutiques in the Philadelphia area that specializes in truly fashionable clothes in plus sizes. Statement also has a wonderful selection of hand crafted jewelry and other original works of wearable art made by some of the most distinguished artisan in the nation, many of whom are from the Philadelphia area.

The business and reputation of Statement has been established through positive interactions and relationships with consigners, customers, and those who just come in to browse. All are welcomed with the same inviting spirit. The lavender-scented candles, classical music, original artwork and European furniture make those who enter Statement feel relaxed and pampered, like they are entering a fabulous living room designed solely for their comfort.

If you are looking for gorgeous, unique clothing and accessories (, shoes, pocketbooks, scarves, hats, belts and gloves) at affordable prices; or maybe one-of-a- kind vintage and hand crafted jewelry, and pocketbooks and other collectible items....or if you are a shopper who just gets a kick out of finding that standout piece that lets you make a statement, you must check out Statement Boutique Consignment on Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill.